Specializing in Wood Fired Pizza
Aahhh....Roma LLC is a mobile wood fired pizza oven. We bring the wood fired oven to you!! We fire up the wood fired oven at festivals, corporate parties, weddings, sporting events, reunions, or any celebration.
We Bring the Oven to You
Delicious Handmade Pizza
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Fresh Wood Fired Pizza!

Several years ago one of the Co-owners realized their passion for food and the food industry.  For several years they searched for something unique in the food industry.  They paid close attention to the birth of Food Trucks.  While attending a concert they saw a Wood Fired Pizza oven and fell in love with the concept.  Who doesn’t love pizza?  The Owners went home and immediately searched for mobile Wood Fired Pizza ovens and alas they happened upon a company in New Haven, Connecticut (home of several famous pizza restaurants) who imported mobile Wood Fired Pizza ovens from Italy.  So the journey began in 2012, to create our own mobile Wood Fired Pizza oven.  We purchased a cargo trailer and gave it to the company to install the oven.  Two weeks later we had a mobile Wood Fired Oven where people can watch their pizza being cooked.  Our first and only event in 2012 was the Marshfield Fair.  Each day at the fair we would make more pizzas than the day before.  We were so excited to have survived our first ten day event and today the Marshfield Fair is our biggest event we do.

We run the oven at both private and public events.  For private events, we offer customized menus such as pizza with any toppings desired, salad, and dessert.  For public events we offer several toppings for a personal sized pizza and soft drinks.  We travel from the North Shore to the South Shore of Massachusetts including the Cape.  If you love pizza like we do, contact us!

Our Pizza

We use the best quality and freshest ingredients to make our thin crust pizza.  All of our vegetables are freshly cut for each event we do.  Our sauce is home made from a secret family recipe.  We use a blend of two different types of cheese.  The pizza takes about two minutes to cook in our 750 degree oven.  The wood gives the pizza a special flavor that makes our pizza the best wood fired pizza.